Creative Impowerment Artist Media

Loving the Empowerment of Creativity...

The Creative Impowerment was created and founded by Charlotte “Poetryizme” Langston with the vision in mind to empower artist by giving them the tools to promote themselves as an artists and showcase their work.

Creative Impowerment has been established to give artists of all genres the tools needed to showcase themselves and their talents. We are an organization that encourages artists to empower themselves. What exactly does that mean? The adjective empowering is defined as something that is empowering you to be more confident and makes you feel that you are in control of your artistic journeys.

It is easy to write out strategic plans that you are or wish to emerge yourselves. Empowerment is not just about words it takes but about the action it takes to make goals a reality. How exactly will Creative Impowerment assist you with this task? What shall Creative Impowerment do to assure that said empowerment flows thru our artist? Come and walk through the Creative Tools 4 U page and see what hidden treasures are to be discovered.

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